These are some of our best selling products, chosen from 100’s of products available.


The Uniwell HX series has proprietary software and hardware with solid-state technology (No moving parts, No Hard Disk, No fan) offering the reliability and stability of embedded systems with many of the features and capabilities of PC-POS solutions.



MSD Software offer a range of back office solutions to suit all size of customer from single terminal systems to centrally managed systems with 500+ sites including a range of application and cloud based options.



Any PC supplied by Nomad will be a DELL unless otherwise specified by client. We believe that DELL’s long track record and proven reliability makes these the one to beat.



Uniwell’s Phoenix android software provides table and kitchen ordering whilst offering your clients the best in customer service.  Increase your profitability with this hand held ordering system which ensures all orders are billed prior to dispensing, accurate kitchen information, higher spend per table and lower staffing costs.